Realtime Information Systems

NextStop® AV provides RTI to passengers through On-board, Web and Mobile platforms

Passengers can use the on-board WiFi system to access journey information through the visual next stop service and on-screen departure boards. When on the web, passengers can see each of the operator's buses in real time on an interactive map. Mobile brings much more; exciting features such as 'buses near me' give the information value while on the move.


Location-Based Advertising

NextStop® AV provides a fantastic platform for you to manage your loyalty and rewards programmes

Advertisements  and promotional content from partner promotions and affiliate deals can be placed within a range of rich digital ad spaces: the website, the mobile app and on-board systems.

Your passengers can earn BusPoints in a variety of ways - not just from ticket sales. They are encouraged to participate with your content platforms to pick up rewards. The most active community members contributing the most to your content platform get the biggest rewards!


Business Intelligence

Every operator needs big data! Understanding trends and service requirements is paramount

BusHub enables operators to collect a range of qualitative and quantitive information from bus users as they engage with operators digital platforms from your website, to mobile apps and your on-board WiFi content.


Shuttle Service

We offer a full suite of services for your airport shuttle

Our NextStop® AV system provides both visual and audio alerts through an integrated AV screen and media controller - all your passengers need for peace of mind that they will make their next flight. Holidaymakers and business travellers provide an exciting opportunity for operators to maximise on-bus advertising revenue.