Create products

Create your new M-ticketing products with ease and publish them to the app stores and web platforms in an instant.  You can configure scheme rules and M-tickets' validity options for tickets in a range of different ways to suit your business.  The power is in your hands. 


Add promotions

Promotional campaigns can be set up and monitored with our intuitive system of promotional categories and promotional code options.  Give money off, create 2-for-1 deals and much more. And we give you the tools to measure and optimise the success of your campaigns in real-time.


Publish tickets

Publish new tickets to the website and app for instant sale whenever you update your fares or introduce a new structure.  BusHub offers a great interface to manage all your products, giving you complete power and control over the process.


Protect ticket revenue

Be confident in fighting fraud with our rugged, fully-integrated ticket validator solution.  Verify the authenticity and validity of all types of printed and mobile tickets in real time with a range of configurations available.


Optimise performance

Be responsive to the changing market

Monitor the sales and performance of each ticket type and adjust your offering accordingly, optimising the performance of your products.