qr_phone Market leading mobile ticketing

Transform the way your passengers buy and use tickets on your buses

We offer the best: a market-leading mobile ticketing and fare collection platform. Whether you’re looking to retail multi-trip tickets, student passes or group traveller tickets, you can do it all with us.

Mobile Tickets

Satellite Real Time Information (RTI)

Build flexible passenger information systems with the power of BusHub RTI

Using the BusHub real-time API, you can manage and distribute live service information direct to your mobile app platform.  All data is managed within BusHub for presentation to passengers, transport co-ordinators and other agencies, giving you complete control.


Journey Planning Journey Planning

Providing a range of journey planning options for your passengers

Choose between a multi-modal, multi-trip solution or, for simpler journeys, a point-to-point bus-only configuration.  We use Google (Maps & Transit API), Bing Maps, & TNDS, so the choice is yours when it comes to providing passengers with the right journey planner for their next trip.


Journey Planning

CRM Know your customers

It's a win all round, for you and your bus passengers

We've set up BusHub to provide operators with a community-based platform that rewards your customers when they engage with your customer service function, just what you need to improve your services in turn.

Customer Survey

NextStop Better bus journeys for all

Getting off at the right stop is easy with Bushub's NextStop feature

Choose between audio alerts, visual alerts or a push notifications and the app will do the rest.  The app uses the phone's GPS location as it moves between bus stops to notify passengers when the next bus stop is approaching so is extremely reliable and accurate.

Visit the NextStop website


bus Bus Tracker

Giving passengers more control over their bus journeys than ever before

Using the app's intuitive search feature or by simply viewing the map - it's easy to find the right bus for the next trip.  With our proximity features you can plan a journey to the nearest bus in real time!  The app highlights the next stop for each bus on the network, providing maximum visibility of the fleet to passengers.


alert Multi-channel service updates

Respond quickly to service changes and disruptions on the network

Publishing service updates is quick and easy across all channels: web, mobile and on-board systems too.  Schedule updates for publication to the app and trigger push notifications to registered passengers when there's an unplanned change to the network.

Service Updates

CRM Social Media Content

Engage with passengers through the power of Social Media

Integrate Twitter & Facebook accounts (... and more), into your app to maintain consistent communications to passengers across mobile and web.