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Frequently Asked Questions

You only need to follow a few easy steps:

1. Get an account - sign up using our simple process via the web or download our app.  Have a good photo ready to upload!

2. Select the ticket you want and put it in your basket, enter your card details and away you go!  The ticket will appear in the 'purchased' tab of the app.

3. As close to your first journey as possible, activate your ticket.  A weekly ticket for travel to work? Activate on Monday to get your full 7-day period.  Always check the validity period on your ticket - some products for a single journey will be live for one hour only, so choose your moment!

Jump on the bus, scan the ticket, and off you go!

You'll need your GPS location settings to 'on' so that the app knows where you are and where you're going!  Go to the route you're travelling on in the Bus Services screen and enable notifications. You'll be notified of the next stop whether you're looking at the app or not, as long as it is live in the background.  You can play Candy Crush safe in the knowledge that you won't miss your stop if you get carried away!

We need some basic details from you to allow the ticket to be properly validated and to keep a record of your usage.  Having an account is really convenient for repeat purchases and if you visit you dashboard, there is all sorts of useful information such as service updates to keep you informed.

If you ever want to delete your account, simply contact your operator and they can do this using a simple process.


When you get on the bus, simply have your phone ready and open on your ticket in either the app or the mobile web view of the operator's website.  You can then scan the QR code to register your journey and validate your ticket for travel.

If the ticket machine is out-of-action you can visually validate by showing the driver your countdown timer and photo on the ticket.

The ticket is animated to prevent fraud as well.

M-tickets are great for the busy traveller - you never need to carry cash or worry about losing a paper ticket again!  You, the traveller, have complete control over when you purchase and activate your ticket.  You can buy on a Sunday night in readiness for a Monday morning, then simply hit the activate button as you wait for the bus - no problem!

You always have your phone, so you'll always have your M-ticket!

Obviously we can't help with that, but if you get a replacement, you'll be able to access your ticket again by logging into the website or downloading the app and logging in using your BusHub credentials. Better than paper, any day!

You can change your picture in your account at any time, but if you've already activated a ticket, the the picture won't change until it expires.  This is a fraud prevention measure, so make sure you've got a good photo on your account when you activate!

Yes you can!  You'll need the internet to activate it, so make sure you have a connection when you do this.  Afterwards, the app will preserve the ticket off-line for use any time, anywhere.

If you're using the mobile version of the website, simply save the ticket link to your home screen for ease of access.

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