ic_journey Journey Planning

The best in multi-modal journey planning

Allow your passengers to plan their onward journeys on the move through WiFi access to our up-to-the-minute journey planner. Using public transport was never more convenient!


ic_satellite Real time information

Giving your passengers peace of mind

Use onboard WiFi to bring next stop announcements and service updates to users so that they never miss their stop, no matter how absorbed they are in work or entertainment!


ic_crm Customer Support

Working with you

We are proud of out customer support and work tirelessly to optimise the experience of your passengers as they enjoy all your service has to offer.

Customer Support

ic_basket Special offers & Partner promotions

A great place for consumer engagement

Leverage the power of partner promotions and special offers to open new revenue streams for your business. Onboard is the perfect place to capture interest, and with WiFi so accessible you can hold people's attention too.


ic_tv Entertainment

With Onboard WiFi, the journey will fly!

Give your passengers more reasons to be satisfied with their journey as they enjoy a range of onboard entertainment options. They won't want to arrive too soon!


ic_nextstop Location-based advertising

Reach your target market with maximum efficiency

Make your business unmissable to passing trade. Our realtime data and GPS services means you can target them at just the right time and place for maximum conversions.


ic_nextstop Analytics

..And you can measure it all!

Chart the success of your campaigns, look for trends in usage and assess the value you create for partners to devise more compelling reasons for passengers to access onboard WiFi.